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With Creditro, data is collected and encrypted securely, ensuring that customer data complies with AML and GDPR regulations.

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    “It helps us to feel more secure. We are sure that we have the documentation required to comply with the rules in terms of AML documentation.”

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    ”It is significantly easier to onboard new customers. I have a checklist that I can follow. Much of the communication happens completely automatically,”

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    "We've improved a lot on our compliance, and we've also got some pretty cool credit reports on our customers for internal use, so that's an added bonus”

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Product News

Customised templates for risk assessments

Our customers can now create differentiated and customised templates for risk assessments, to match their service and client types.


The challenges of manual KYC processes

An effective KYC process is necessary for complying with AML regulations, but manual processes entails several challenges.