Digital signing software

At Creditro, we believe that creating better customer experiences is the key. Speed up the on-boarding procedure with our digital signing solution.


Do business faster 

Speed up on-boarding of new clients, sign from anywhere, and skip the part with over-night deliveries, faxes, and weak email systems with Creditro Sign.


Create better customer experiences

We believe in a flexible and digital "circle of life," which is why we naturally incorporate digital signing into our platform. The module is called Creditro Sign and allows you to upload the files you need for a digital signature. The solution provides smoother workflows - both for you and your customers.

More than 700 companies have made the secure choice

Fast and secure

  • Secure sensitive information and ensure the right person is signing

  • Provides you with a great data collection of your customers ID

  • Speed up onboarding of new customers

  • Automatic reminders when they need to sign