Automatic credit assessment platform

Creditro Assess gives you information based on real-time industry data and market insights, so you can make informed decisions. 

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More than 350 companies have made the secure choice.


Avoid fraud

Kick scammers to the curb, by the curbside with Creditro Assess. We designate 9 out of 10 fraudulent companies, so you can ease your mind and spend time on your customers. 


Who owns what?

Get insight to companies ownership with Assess

Get a precise and fast overview of who owns who in the company - and if any holding companies are involved. Avoid surprises, and get names with our new Creditro Assess diagram.

Track scammers and bankruptcy companies

Creditro Assess gives you automatic credit ratings - across countries. We anticipate and warn about the bad payers, warn of bankruptcy, and track fraud so you avoid empty pockets, debt collection, and wasted working hours.

Prevent fraud

  • Automated credit assessments which frees up time and resources.

  • One access point for information – also in Scandinavia

  • Information in real-time - no delays.

  • Predictive analyses, so you are always at the forefront of efforts against loss and fraud.

  • Easy setup of own credit policies and internal score models.

  • Get complete overview over the ownerships in your portfolio with our build in organization diagram

Gain time with your clients today

Creditro helps companies save time on tiresome KYC/AML processes and allows you to focus your clients - and your company.


Predicts 2 out of 3 bankruptcies

Assess is a sophisticated tool that never sleeps! Creditro Assess does risk assessment and credit assessment on thousands of companies, and last year we predicted 4,672 out of 7,189 bankruptcies.
You can act on time with bankruptcy risk alerts and minimize losses daily.

Our customers receive alerts daily in the inbox or via their ERP / CRM system. That way, they are always up to date and equipped with a shield against fraud.

Enterprise solutions

Automatic credit assessments which releases time and resources

Unlimited access and information in real time

Easy setup of creditpolicies and internal scoremodels

What our customers say

“It helps us to feel more secure. We are sure that we have the documentation required to comply with the rules in terms of AML documentation.”

“It is significantly easier to onboard new customers. I have a checklist that I can follow. Much of the communication happens completely automatically,”

“We've improved a lot on our compliance, and we've also got some pretty cool credit reports on our customers for internal use, so that's an added bonus”


Need clarification?

What is a credit score?

An assessment of a debtors creditworthiness, which can be a person, business, government agency, or other entity, is called a credit rating.

Credit ratings affect a person's/company/industry's capability to obtain credit, and the terms (interest rate, etc.) lenders may provide. It's crucial to the health of your credit.




What is a risk assessment?

Risk assessment aims to identify risks that could negatively impact a company's business operations. This process includes identifying real-time inherent risks in the industry and providing measures, procedures, and control so that the organization can reduce the effect of such risks.

With Creditro Assess, you get one assess point for information in real-time. These predictive analytics put you ahead of the fight against fraud and losses.

How can I detect fraud?

With prior warnings of bankruptcies, you can act ahead of time and minimize your losses. Our customers receive alerts every day in their inboxes or through their ERP/CRM systems.

Creditro Assess provides you with automatic credit assessments across countries. We perform risk calculations and warn you about bad payers, bankruptcy alerts, and fraud detection.

We have built an intelligent platform capable of:
Identify 9 out of 10 scam companies *
Warn against 65% of all bankruptcies at least 3 months before they happen **
* Based on 5,249 bankruptcies in Denmark in the years 2018-2019
** Based on 952 fraud-convicted companies