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Optimise your KYC processes and save valuable resources with automated workflows.

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The challenge of manual workflows

error-prone and risky

In today's complex business environment, KYC processes are crucial for maintaining regulatory compliance and minimising the risk of financial crime. However, these processes often require significant time and resources.

Manual workflows are not only time-consuming but can also lead to errors and violations of regulations and standards, which can have serious and costly consequences for companies and their reputation.

The Solution

Digital efficiency with Creditro

Our platform automates manual, uncertain, and time-consuming information searching, gathering, and follow-up. This accelerates the process, reduces errors, and ensures regulatory compliance, while freeing your employees for strategic tasks.

Optimise your KYC process with Visma Creditro for savings, accuracy, and compliance. Let technology drive your business forward.

See for yourself, how our platform makes it simple and easy for both you and your customers.

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In full compliance

Creditro Comply with ease and security. Receive necessary data, meet AML-legislation, and combat fraud with our real-time cloud-based technology.

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Reduce time used by 95%

Save time with Creditro Comply's automation of KYC processes. An average check takes only 5 minutes, giving you more time for your customers.

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Simple and intuitive

Simplify with our user-friendly platform. User-friendly journey, one dashboard, live support, and integrations with numerous solutions.

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