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At Creditro, we place a paramount emphasis on incorporating valuable insights from our customers. We value any learnings from the skilled people in the industries we are lucky to be working with. Learn more about them right here.


Streamlined  compliance work

The international company, Njord Law Firm, was looking for a flexible system to comply with AML regulations in a reassuring way. René Nymann talks in-depth about their compliance setup and the process that led them to Creditro.

René Nymann
Compliance Responsible at Njord Law Firm
Kenneth Sørensen Accountant
Kenneth Sørensen
Accountant, Cand.merc.aud. and CEO at ADMK

Compliance and comprehensive credit reports

Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering documentation, new bookkeeping laws - there is a lot to keep track of! Perhaps it's not surprising that some companies fall behind. That is however a thing of the past for the accounting firm ADMK, after they automated their processes.


Customer onboarding is  notably easier

A need for half, or even a quarter of a CFO partner, was a growing demand from smaller companies whose budget or needs often did not cover a full-time CFO position. Peter Guldberg spotted a business opportunity and started looking for a compliance solution.

Peter Guldberg
Peter Guldberg
Consultant and CFO at Sunbrick Services
Mette Qouttrup
Mette Quottrup
Accountant and Owner of MQ-Revision

AML shouldn't be rocket science

Compliance with AML regulations often resulted in Mette Quottrup facing several hours of tiresome work per customer – sometimes even more. Time and resources that Mette would rather spend on something else.

The clients made the difference for the KYC journey in PJ Revision

Billable hours are in high demand within the accounting industry, so freeing up resources is no laughing matter. If you add time-saving with satisfied customers, you end up with KYC and AML processes that feel like a walk in the park.

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Bjørn Nielsen
Accountant at PJ Revision
Ghazwan Cheikh Youssef
Ghazwan Cheikh Youssef
Accountant and Owner of CY Revision.

The Danish Business Authority is welcome back any day

CY Revision is on cloud nine, following a successful inspection by the Danish Business Authority. It went completely by the book and the owner assures his colleagues that the big bad wolf isn't all that bad, if you just lay your bricks right.