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Automate AML/KYC & spend time with clients

Visma Creditro helps automate the statutory AML/KYC processes so that you can spend your time with your clients. We also offer safe digital signing - convenient for everyone involved.


New integration partnership with Legis365

With Visma Creditro integrated into Legis 365, you get a fast onboarding process, a fully compliant KYC solution and more time for your clients. With its new integration, Legis 365 + Visma Creditro gives you an all-in-one solution, perfect for lawyers.

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Spend your client meetings on counseling - not KYC checks

The statutory KYC check of new clients is often very resource-intensive, as it obtains a lot of necessary information and documentation. Information that you also have to secure continuously continues to hold water. Visma Creditro's digital platforms aim your needs from A-Z. We automate the cumbersome manual workflows and offer digital signing to use your time better and ensure a quick and smooth onboarding of new clients - because lawyers' time is for helping, not interviewing.


With integration to E-conomic, you can automatically drag your debtors to monitoring, and always be updated on changes.


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With integration to Dinero, you can automatically drag your debtors to monitoring, and always be updated on changes.



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Legis 365

Full KYC integration. Manage cases directly in Legis 365.





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Unik Advosys

Create cases in Advosys and work on it in Creditro Comply.





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Features that save time

  • Onboarding of clients

  • Credit assessment of clients

  • Fraud Check by clients

  • Check for person matches

  • Signing of letters of agreement

  • Digital signing

  • Document Storage

  • Annual reports

  • Tax documentation

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Digital signing

Creditro Sign

Creditro sign allows your customers to sign documents in a secure way whenever and where ever.

The feature secures sensitive information and ensures the right person signs the document.

Creditro Sign provides you with great data collection of your customers ID and speed up the on boarding.



Creditro Comply

Creditro Comply gives you total Customer due diligence (KYC/AML) collected in one platform. We keep you updated with the newest legislation and reduce your workload by up to 95%. Creditro Comply delivers a full KYC report that meets requirements in Denmark and the EU and automatic notification when customer data changes.

- And much more. All in one user-friendly dashboard.


Fraud detection

Creditro Assess

Creditro Assess gives you automated credit assessments and predictive analyses, so you are always at the forefront of efforts against loss and fraud.

The information provided is collected across countries and is updated in real-time - with no delays. Creditro Assess provides an easy setup of your credit policies and internal score models and helps you catch bad payers and prevent loss.


Creditro Integrations

Debt information

Debt information is naturally an integrated part of our platform. But if you require this module only, it is, of course, possible. Thanks to our partnership, we can look into the RKI registry through Experian and see debt collection information and other debt data.

Foreign data sources

Our platform is also including foreign data. We have a partnership with the recognized international analytics company Bureau Van Dijk, which allows us access to global data about all companies.


Our platform is designed to integrate your current systems easily, so your employees only have to work in one system. With an API-solution (system-to-system) connection, we create a setup where you receive all our functions and unique data directly into your system. Everything we develop will be available as a web application and an API solution.

Save time with Creditro's automatic software

  • Digital signing

  • Fraud detecting

  • Document storage

Increase the quality of your compliance-work - and become better at detecting fraud

As a lawyer, you must always be well equipped to detect fraud. With Creditro, your ability to detect and screen for financial crime will grow more efficiently. For our intelligent tools never sleep, they provide constant real-time, in-depth knowledge and an overview of your clients.

Creditro is always up to date with the current legislation, so you can rest assured that your business remains compliant. But most importantly, you will be better equipped to stop and prevent scams and financial crime.

KYC-check, fraud screening, and credit assessment in one workflow

Our platform can also give you preliminary risk assessments, and in connection with your KYC-check you can automatically have a credit assessment of your client and simultaneously screen against fraud.

In other words, you can kill three birds with one stone – and collect tedious manual labour into one automatic workflow, which quickly provides a clear overview.

Ensure the right person is watching

Digital signing and online storage collection ensure that the right people are watching and limit access to sensitive information.

Storing your documents online also smoothens the client onboarding and makes sharing the documents between advisor and customer easy and streamlined.

Visma Creditro offers both digital signing and document storage and streamlines your client onboarding, eases your day-to-day workflow, and is the convenient choice for everyone involved.


Gain time with your clients today

Creditro helps companies save time on tiresome KYC/AML processes and allows you to focus your clients - and your company.