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We assist you in automating your KYC processes, ensuring compliance with regulations while
allowing you to focus on customer relations and scaling your business.


New integration partnership with Legis365

With Visma Creditro integrated into Legis 365, you get a fast onboarding process, a fully compliant KYC solution and more time for your clients. With its new integration, Legis 365 + Visma Creditro gives you an all-in-one solution, perfect for lawyers.

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Creditro Comply

KYC Compliance made fast, secure and systematic

Everything gathered on a clear and user-friendly platform. Documentation always in accordance with applicable legislation.

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Creditro Assess

Automatic credit assessment and bankruptcy notification

Make informed decisions and be notified of bad payers, bankruptcies and fraudulent companies and avoid losses, debt collection and wasted work hours.

More than 700 companies have made the secure choice

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In full compliance

Creditro Comply with ease and security. Receive necessary data, meet AML-legislation, and combat fraud with our real-time cloud-based technology.

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Reduce time used by 95%

Save time with Creditro Comply's automation of KYC processes. An average check takes only 5 minutes, giving you more time for your customers.

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Simple and intuitive

Simplify your KYC & AML compliance process with our user-friendly platform. User-friendly journey, one dashboard, live support, and integrations with numerous solutions.

Save time with Creditro's
innovative automation software.

Our software is specifically designed to streamline your workflow as a lawyer and make it easier for you to carry out your work.

Digital Signing

Increase the quality of your compliance-work - and become better at detecting fraud

Som advokat skal du altid være godt rustet til at opdage svindel. Med Creditro vil din evne til at opdage og screene for økonomisk kriminalitet vokse mere effektivt. For vores intelligente værktøjer sover aldrig, de giver konstant realtid, dybdegående viden og et overblik over dine kunder.

Creditro følger altid den gældende lovgivning, så du kan være sikker på, at din virksomhed forbliver kompatibel. Men vigtigst af alt vil du være bedre rustet til at stoppe og forhindre svindel og økonomisk kriminalitet.

Credit Assessment

KYC-check, fraud screening, and credit assessment in one workflow

Our platform can also give you preliminary risk assessments, and in connection with your KYC-check you can automatically have a credit assessment of your client and simultaneously screen against fraud.

In other words, you can kill three birds with one stone – and collect tedious manual labour into one automatic workflow, which quickly provides a clear overview.

Document Storage

Ensure that the appropriate individual is overseeing the process

Digital signing and online storage collection ensure that the right people are watching and limit access to sensitive information.

Storing your documents online also smoothens the client onboarding and makes sharing the documents between advisor and customer easy and streamlined.

Visma Creditro offers both digital signing and document storage and streamlines your client onboarding, eases your day-to-day workflow, and is the convenient choice for everyone involved.



Let's find the right solution for you!

Creditro helps businesses save time on demanding KYC/AML processes. Book a demo where we will walk you through our solution tailored to your company and its specific needs.

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