Financial Businesses

Obtain preliminary risk assessments and automated credit assessments
for your clients while screening for fraud during your KYC checks with our platform.

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In full compliance

Creditro Comply with ease and security. Receive necessary data, meet AML-legislation, and combat fraud with our real-time cloud-based technology.

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Reduce time used by 95%

Save time with Creditro Comply's automation of KYC processes. An average check takes only 5 minutes, giving you more time for your customers.

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Simple and intuitive

Simplify your KYC & AML compliance process with our user-friendly platform. User-friendly journey, one dashboard, live support, and integrations with numerous solutions.

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Creditro Assess

Automatic credit assessment and bankruptcy notification

Make informed decisions and be notified of bad payers, bankruptcies and fraudulent companies and avoid losses, debt collection and wasted work hours.

Creditro Comply

KYC Compliance made fast, secure and systematic

Everything gathered on a clear and user-friendly platform. Documentation always in accordance with applicable legislation.

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Save time with Creditros innovative automation software

Our software is designed to facilitate your everyday life as a financial company and make it easier for you to do your work.


Automate your KYC-checks

You are subject to a long list of tight legislation as a financial business. You have to adjust to the Anti Money Laundering (AML) legislation which is often updated or changed. To comply with AML, many companies have adapted labor-heavy workflows, which can be non-transparent with rich documentation. In particular, the KYC check of new clients is often very resource-intensive because of the necessary information and documentation. The information must be continuously monitored for validation and expiration.
Creditro is a digital platform aimed at your needs. We have automated the slow manual workflows so you can optimize your time better for quick and agile onboarding of new clients. 

Fraud screening

Be up to date with current legislations

As a financial business, you must always be well equipped to detect fraud. With Creditro, your ability to detect and screen for financial crime will grow more efficiently. Our intelligent tools never sleep; they provide constant real-time, in-depth knowledge and an overview of your clients.

Creditro is always up to date with the current legislation, so you can rest assured that your business remains compliant. But most importantly, you will be better equipped to stop and prevent scams and financial crime.

Automatic workflows

Improved customer experience with automatic workflows

With our compliance platform, you can save up to 75% of the manual workload associated with KYC-related tasks.

In short, we put your clients through an automatic KYC check and set up rules and variables to detect which clients can be automatically approved and which clients need further investigation. We can also integrate your Anti Money Laundering regulations and policies into our intelligent software, which, among many other things, ensures you have a consistent baseline when meeting your clients.

Quick and agile processes also mean an intuitive and better experience for your clients.



Digital signing & document storage

Digital signing eases the workflow

Forget paper or unsafe digital channels. We offer Digital signing that lets your clients sign anytime, anywhere, safely. It is an advantage both for you and your clients.

With Creditro, we also offer document storage, so you don't need to scan and send your documents repeatedly.



What Our Customers Says

Trust in Creditro's expertise to review, onboard, and monitor customers, with countless large corporations already relying on our platform for streamlining their KYC processes.

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    “It helps us to feel more secure. We are sure that we have the documentation required to comply with the rules in terms of AML documentation.”

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    ”It is significantly easier to onboard new customers. I have a checklist that I can follow. Much of the communication happens completely automatically,”

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    "We've improved a lot on our compliance, and we've also got some pretty cool credit reports on our customers for internal use, so that's an added bonus”

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