Our Mission

At Visma Creditro, we seek out and protect businesses from the "bad guys" 
- whether you are a small business owner or a big corporation.

Let us take care of your KYC/AML processes, so you can focus on what
matters, scaling your company and taking care of your customers.

Compliance should be simple

Creditro was not supposed to be and did not become another bureaucratic system that required weeks of local device installations and demos. Instead, the platform was simple and easily accessible – via a browser – so users could be accessed it from deckchairs in Spain and offices in Esbjerg. All it required was an internet connection.

The platform can today identify 9 out of 10 fraudulent companies in Denmark and warns against 65% of all bankruptcies at least three months before they happen. Creditro also has automated credit assessments, so a KYC check, according to our customers, takes around 5 minutes.

The hard work has paid off, and in a few years, Creditro has managed to build a database with more than 45 nationalities connected today.

In 2020, Creditro became part of the Norwegian IT group, Visma, where we continue as an independent company, but now with even greater muscle, ready to fight for a world without financial crime and money laundering.

We always want to learn – do better and be better. That is why we collaborate on our journey with the Danish Business Authority, a compliance board, and our customers.

Meet our super heroes

At Visma Creditro, we assemble teams of passionate people who are brilliant in their field. With high spirits, we work together toward a world without money laundering and financial crime - we are based in both Esbjerg and Taastrup


Mathias Kobberup
Founder & Chief Product Officer
Jacob Tinsfeldt
Managing Director


Asmita Velji Tejani
Head of Sales
Edis Redzep
Senior Account Executive
Nicolaj Jensen
Account Executive
Silas M. S. Krogen
Junior Account Executive
Jakob Salling Kristensen
Business Development Representative
Zainab Quddusi 
Business Development Representative
Katrine Scherning Heick
Business Development Representative
Mohammad Hamdallah
Senior Account Executive


Kasper Højmann Hansen
Head of Marketing
Emma Juhlin Nørgaard
Student Assistant
Jonas Steen-Hansen
Digital Designer

Product and Technology

Mathias Kobberup
Founder & Chief Product Officer
Marlene Hansen
Product Owner
Ditte Knutzen
Jr. Product Owner
Nikolay Vasilev
Peter Wind
Front-end Design Lead
Florin Nuhjia
Brian Brandt
Bari Ademi
Senior Developer
Martin Poulsen
Lauran Elezi
Theis Kvist Kristensen
Christian Hansen
Barlet Nushi
DevOps Engineer
Artim Dauti
Solution Architect 
Enis Tara
Birgit Wright
Nadia Miteva
Student Assistant
Mina Anne
Student Assistant
Tobias Nielsen
Architect & Lead Developer
Jesper Enemark
Senior Software Engineer

Customer Success and Support

Mads Skade
Head of Customer Success & Support
Mathias Søbjerg
Teamlead - Customer Support
Frederik Christiansen
Onboarding Manager
Jesper Skjøth Larsen
Customer Success Specialist


Nikolaj Andersen
Financial Controller


Mikael Westöö
Chairman of the board / Photo by: Ulrika Karlsson Wasell
Malin Hellborgsson
Lars Engbork
Erwin K. Tøt
Finn S. Jakobsen

Compliance Board

Nis Peter Dall
Carsten H. Fohlmann
Robert Fosbo
Peter N. N. Thøgersen

Are you our new colleague?

We are always looking for talented people to join us on this crazy journey. So do you have a creative and curly brain? Do you love tech? Or can you sell sand in Sahara? - Read about our open positions or give us a call!

Visma Creditro Recruitment

A trip down memory lane

JUL 2022

Creditro is now increased to 30 employees and app. 400 customers.

MAR 2022

Creditro was sold to the Norwegian VISMA A/S.

SEP 2021

Creditro once again increases - in a short time, the old location becomes too tight, and the search for air starts again. Creditro finally finds a space in Vallensbæk Strand.

MAJ 2021

Creditro outgrew the location and had to look for larger premises.

NOV 2020

Creditro new reach 10 employees.

AUG 2020

New milestone: 100 customers at Creditro Comply. 

MAR 2020

The first ten customers are on board, and now we know we are on the right track.

DEC 2019

Hiring the first sales manager and a new focus on KYC/AML.

JAN 2019

Creditro obtained its first major international customer in the financial sector who still uses our service to this day.

NOV 2018

Creditro becomes credit assessment agency after recieving permission from the Danish Data Authority.

JUN 2018

In June 2018, Creditro launches their very first version of app.creditro.com with access to basic company information.

FEB 2018

Creditro becomes Creditro A/S.

DEC 2017

December brought more than snow in 2017 - Creditro ApS was officially founded.

NOV 2017

Mathias contacts Ronni Baslund, who had the technical knowledge Mathias Kobberup was missing. Ronni had a background as a senior software developer from Shoreline A/S and decided to join in november 2017.


Mathias Kobberup starts preparing an algorithm for credit assessment and start recording characteristics for companies who don't pay their bills or "prepared themselves" to do so on purpose.


Mathias Kobberup shares his plan to to catch fraudsters, in an investor group.