At Creditro we strive to create a world free of fraud and money laundering.

Financial crime weakens confidence in the financial sector and associated professions. Consequently, it is imperative that banks, accountants, and lawyers are equipped with more advanced tools to identify and address suspicious activities among their clients.

Why we started Creditro

Taking a stand against fraud

In a world marred by an alarming surge in money laundering and fraud cases, we recognised the pressing need for a solution. The number and complexity of illicit activities were on the rise across the globe, prompting us to ask: where do we even start?

The founding team was driven by an inherent curiosity to explore and innovate,
 even if it meant taking risks and occasionally stumbling along the way.

We firmly believed that the essence of work, be it in a corporate setting or otherwise, should always centre around achieving something remarkable, something that could truly make a difference.

With a mission to leave a lasting impact, we were determined to create a solution to combat the extensive and pervasive fraud that plagues our society.

Our goal transcends merely building something great and substantial; we aspire to create a force for good that can make an impact across the world. We embarked on this journey with the conviction that our efforts could matter and help reshape the landscape, not just in terms of size and scale, but in terms of significance and meaning.

This is our ultimate endgame – to build something that resonates, something that matters.

Mathias Kobberup - Founder 

Mathias Kobberup underskrift

Empowering companies with enhanced protection

Our Products

Central to our mission is the creation of cutting-edge software that empowers businesses. Our software provides advanced tools to streamline daily operations while offering robust protection against fraudulent partnerships.



Secure data and trusted partners

Securing your data,
building trust & confidence

Security and trust lie at the core of our every endeavour. Our dedication to protecting your data knows no bounds, and we exclusively collaborate with reputable partners. Your confidence in us is of utmost importance.


User-centric software and trusted partnerships

Customer feedback and
reliable partnerships

We have crafted our software through a robust partnership with our users, placing a paramount emphasis on understanding and incorporating your valuable insights. Simultaneously, we maintain a strong alliance with regulatory authorities to guarantee unwavering adherence to all legal requirements.


Our Leadership

At Visma Creditro, we bring together teams of passionate individuals. Together, we strive towards a world devoid of money laundering and financial crime. Our operational centers are situated in Esbjerg, North Macedonia, and Høje Taastrup.

Jacob Tinsfeldt
Managing Director
Kasper Højmann Hansen
Head of Marketing
Asmita Velji Tejani
Head of Sales
Mads Skade
Head of Customer Success & Support
Jacob Tinsfeldt-1

Jacob Tinsfeldt

Managing Director, Visma Creditro

"We have assembled a team of top-notch IT professionals, whose dedication and expertise ensure that our solutions are at the forefront of security and quality."

"We have assembled a team of top-notch IT professionals, whose dedication and expertise ensure that our solutions are at the forefront of security and quality."

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active users.

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Predicts 2 out of 3


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Identifies 9 out of 10

fraudulent enterprises.

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Conducts +7.000

monthly KYC checks.

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Customer focused values

Guiding Principles that
define our Company

We place the utmost importance on meeting customer needs and ensuring their satisfaction, which guides all our decisions and actions. By consistently delivering exceptional products and services, we cultivate valuable relationships and continually strive to innovate.

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Customer Centric - Your Needs, Our Dedication.

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Innovation - Pioneering Technology for Seamless Compliance.

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Transparency - Maintaining Your Trust Through Openness and Clarity.



A trip down memory lane


New markets & partnerships

  • Creditro now has over 700 customers.
  • The team has grown to more than 50 employees across North Macedonia and Denmark.
  • Our partnership with Selected Car Group marked a significant milestone.
  • With this collaboration, we are poised to expand into new and exciting markets.
  • We have already started with the Norwegian an UK market, and we cannot wait to see what is next.


Creditro joins VISMA A/S

  • Creditro is sold to VISMA A/S - a leading SaaS supplier of business critical software.
  • The customer base grows to approximately 400 and the growth also impacts our team which now counts 30 employees.
  • We open a new base of employees in Macedonia, where the team develops our software.
  • Jacob Tinsfeldt is brought on as Managing Director.


Important milestones

  • A year of tens for Creditro, the first ten customers have signed on
  • The team grows to ten employees strong.
  • We know we are on the right track.


Global Market Entry

  • Creditro obtains its first major international customer in the financial sector - they still use our service to this day.
  • The first sales manager joins the team and there is a new focus on KYC/AML processes.


Official launch

  • The very first version of is launched in June.
  • It provides access to basic company information.
  • Creditro becomes a Credit Assessment Agency after receiving permission from the Danish Data Authority.


Birth of Creditro

  • Mathias contacts Ronni Baslund, who had a background as Senior Software Developer and the technical knowledge needed for next steps.
  • Ronni and Mathias join forces in November and by December - Creditro ApS is officially founded.


First steps

  • In an investor group, Mathias Kobberup shares his ambitious plan to catch fraudsters.
  • He works on an algorithm for credit assessment and records characteristics for companies who don't pay their bills or set themselves for purposely evading them. marked a significant milestone.