"Customer onboarding became significantly easier"

- Peter Guldberg, CEO Sunbrick


 "I knew that I needed to find a solution around
GDPR requirements and money laundering"

Peter Guldberg chose Creditro because his solution had to be both complete and at a fair price.

A need for half, or even a quarter of a CFO partner, was a growing demand from smaller companies whose budget or needs often did not cover a full-time CFO position. With an international financial analyst and portfolio manager background, Peter Guldberg saw a business opportunity. He started Sunbrick Business Service, which assists his clientele with finance, business intelligence, accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

"I knew that I needed to find a solution for GDPR requirements and anti-money laundering, so I researched the market, and talked to colleagues and people in the same industry as myself," says Peter. He has been a customer of Creditro, since September 2021.

Easier onboarding process

When Peter uses Creditro's platform, customers automatically receive a questionnaire after he has entered their information, and the automation of the communication, as well as the fixed framework on the platform, has eased his work life.

"It's significantly easier to onboard new customers. I have a checklist that I can abide by. Much of the communication happens automatically," Peter says and adds: "It's just become a much easier process in many ways."

Get to know your customer - at a reasonable price

The fifth most searched question within money laundering is: "What is money laundering?" It's no surprise as the law is strict and has a lot of rules. No wonder that many are looking for a holistic and bulletproof solution - which is also what Peter was searching for.

"I enquired about what solutions were out there, and then I looked through it and chose Creditro because it seemed the like most accessible and holistic solution," says Peter.

He describes the platform as "a complete solution with everything you need in that business area, and at a reasonable price."