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Can you predict a financial crisis?

2008 is a year you won't forget - can we learn from our mistakes and predict crises? Read as Creditro analyzes the world economy through historical...


Sharpen awareness with a credit rating

In September 2020, almost 200 companies went bankrupt; it's vital to know the temperature around you - read how a credit rating might be your answer.

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How to Spot a Bankruptcy

There are several warning signs before a business declares bankruptcy. In this article, Creditro gives you these warnings and lists high-risk...


What is fraud – and Who is behind it?

Fraud can significantly impact victims, businesses, and the economy - fraud and fraudsters come in different shapes; read as we dissect the fog of...

ID and validation – Why and how?

identitetsverifikationen og validering er essentielle i KYC processen, men hvordan gør du det? Og hvad er konsekvenserne ved en dårlig validering?...

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