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How to predict fraud

Everyone can become a victim of fraud. Want to make the chance of you becoming frauded smaller? Learn to predict fraud in this Creditro Article.


AI in the fight against money laudering

It can be challenging to find a definite answer to what Artificial intelligence is and can do. Learn more about it in this Creditro article.


What is ODD?

ODD stands for Ordinary Due Diligence, and contains many of the same points as KYC does. Learn more about it in this Creditro article.


KYC: Know your customer requirements

KYC can be a tricky process due to all of the requirements. However, no need to worry. In this article, Visma Creditro lists and explains all of...


What is PEP?

PEP is a politically exposed person and is a statutory part of a KYC check according to AML legislation. Learn here what PEP means and why its...


What is CDD?

CDD stands for Customer Due Diligence – the term becomes significant in the new directive in the Money Laundering Act (AML 5) – why? Read and find...


What is Customer Screening?

Customer Screening is often used among banks and other companies within the financial sector. However, many different concepts describe the same...

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