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Time is money

The KYC-legislation is in constant development. What was compliant yesterday might not be compliant in 3 months. Therefore, it can be quite resource-intensive to keep track of the legislation and whether you still know your customers well enough to be compliant.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Creditro is always up to date in the current legislation so you can rest assured that your business remains compliant. Our solution can automate your processes and save you up to 95% of time spent on KYC related work. In fact, our customers end up using less than 5 minutes per KYC case.

And most importantly, you will be better equipped to stop and prevent scams and financial crime.

All-in-One Platform



Reduce your work-load with up to 95%

Automatic notifications when client conditions changes

One easy-to-monitor dashboard

Digital contact with clients on one platform

Delivers full KYC-reports which meets Danish and EU legislation



Credit assessment, fraud- and bankruptcy warnings.

Real time monitoring and updates of client-data

Intelligent algorithms collecting all the data

Full audit trail on all activities

Compliance with archiving and storage of documents of the AML-legislation



Plug-&-Play solution or fully customized solution

Easy integration with CRM- and Economy-solutions

Supports all business-types

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You start the process. We take care of the rest

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What our clients say about us

Here at Døssing & Partnere we have chosen to use Creditro as a partner when being compliant with the Money Laundering Act, as their product meets the high criteria we have as advisers.

We have had a great dialog where our suggestions for improvements have been heard, and some have been implemented in their solution. It was a great onboarding process where we had time to reflect on our choices before agreeing to thee contract and commitment.

We look forward to a great partnership in the many years to come.

Jannick Hansen

Accountant, Døssing & Partners

In the next few years, we have great plans for growth at Nomia.

It is important for us to always to be compliant with legislation and up to date, specially within the anti money laundering segment. The solution from Creditro plays a key role in this.

We see a close and large partnership between our plans and the intelligent solution Creditro offers.

Troels Mølgaard

CEO, Nomia