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    Sharpen your awareness with a credit rating

    In September 2020, almost 200 companies went bankrupt; it's vital to know the environment around you – see how a credit rating might be your answer.

    Credit Assessment

    How to spot a bankruptcy

    There are several warning signs before a business declares bankruptcy. Read more about warnings and high-risk industries.


    How to predict fraud

    Everyone can become a victim of fraud. Want to make the chance of you becoming a victim smaller? Read on for tips on how to predict fraud.


    What is ODD?

    ODD stands for Ordinary Due Diligence, and contains many of the same points as KYC does.


    KYC: Know your customer requirements

    KYC can be a tricky process due to all of the requirements. However, no need to worry, we're listing them all for you right here.


    What is PEP?

    PEP is a politically exposed person and a statutory part of KYC checks according to AML legislation; it's crucial to know exactly what PEP means and...

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