Taking charge of compliance - and gaining valueable credit reports

- Kenneth Sørensen, Director ADMK



 ADMK's Director, Kenneth Sørensen, readily admits that Know Your Customer has been neglected a bit.

The auditor came across Visma Creditro through the industry association Cereda and since September '21 ADMK has automated their KYC/AML processes with Creditro.

ADMK is transforming their processes with the power of automation.

Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering documentation, new bookkeeping laws - there is a lot to keep track of, and it perhaps not surprising that several companies fall behind. However, falling behind is a thing of the past for the accounting firm ADMK, which has automated its processes.

"We have become much better at obtaining the right information for all our customers, so that we stay ready for a potential inspection as well," says ADMK's Director, Auditor, cand.merc.aud, Kenneth Sørensen.

Taking charge of compliance

ADMK assists a variety of companies and industries. They provide advice and accounting assistance to private, small and medium-sized companies across Denmark. Their competencies are far-reaching auditing and compliance is vital with the many diverse clients they service.

"There is no doubt that, us smaller bookkeeping companies, we have probably lagged a little behind in getting a handle on the Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering documentation," says Kenneth and adds: "We've become a lot better at compliance, and we've also got some pretty cool credit reports on our customers for internal use, which is a bonus."

Cereda lit the way to collaboration

ADMK is a member of the trade association for bookkeepers and accountants, called Cereda, which is known for quality and high professionalism. It was through Cereda that ADMK first became acquainted with Creditro.

"The reason we chose Creditro's solution is that we're a member of Cereda, and through that, we received recommendations about Creditro," says Kenneth. He explains that he came across other services on his search, but he is glad that he ended up choosing Creditro.

"I would recommend it as it's a great and user-friendly solution. Additionally, I also think it's very affordable for the service we get. So I can definitely recommend Creditro to others."