Regulatory Compliance

Our solutions are continuously developed and upgraded in collaboration with official authorities, customers, and our competent compliance board. This allows us to have a solid understanding of the evolving legislation, the necessary requirements to comply with, how our customers operate, and ultimately how our solutions can be intelligently integrated.


We keep you compliant

Visma Creditro is the only supplier with multiple customers who has been under inspection and passed audits with no remarks.

Together we define tomorrows compliance and make sure you as a customer is always compliant - as MA Ghazwan Cheikh Youssef, owner of CY Revision, who passed with flying colours.

Compliance Board

Our compliance board is crucial in ensuring that our platform and services adhere to anti-money laundering regulations. This dedicated team of experts works hand in hand to ensure that our company meets all the necessary requirements and rules to combat money laundering.

Nis Peter Dall
Carsten H. Fohlmann
Robert Fosbo
Peter N. N. Thøgersen

What our customers are saying

You can confidently rely on our expertise when it comes to KYC/AML Compliance. Our platform is already being utilized by numerous leading companies to streamline their workflows.

  • dossing_logo-1

    "At Døssing & Partnere, we have chosen to partner with Creditro for the compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, as their product meets the high standards required of us as advisors.

    We have had a productive dialogue where our suggestions for improvement were listened to and some of them have even been implemented in their solution. The onboarding process has been informative and allowed us to carefully consider our choices before entering into the agreement.

    We look forward to a fruitful collaboration for many years to come."

  • Cort

    "Creditro ensured a rapid and efficient onboarding of their solution in my law firm within a few days, and their support and customer service afterwards were highly satisfactory. During a recent inspection by the Bar Association, Creditro's solution was presented with great success for documenting KYC processes and gathering and storing customer data, among other things, in the company.

    I highly recommend Creditro to both large and small law firms."

  • qred

    "For us, it is crucial to swiftly assess the creditworthiness of our customers. Creditro's credit rating is highly accurate and valuable. The information provided by Creditro makes it easy to understand and enables us to easily gain an overview of our company's situation. Additionally, Creditro has important integrations for tasks such as personal validation of individuals, BBR, Motor registry, and Property registration. This helps us consolidate everything onto one platform.

    Furthermore, they offer exceptionally fast and professional customer service.

    We highly recommend Creditro A/S."

  • Connla

    "As an administrator, Creditro makes my daily life easier and contributes to being systematic and structured. In a busy day, it can be difficult to stay updated on everything. This platform continuously encourages me in a positive way to address the handling of strict anti-money laundering regulations. Creditro has been helpful both during the initial setup and ongoing, providing assistance whenever there are minor hiccups.

    Most customers report feeling very secure using the platform, especially when it comes to managing sensitive information on their personal profiles. Some have already experienced the convenience of others using Creditro, which means they don't have to dig out their IDs every time but can simply reuse their profiles.

    Therefore, I highly recommend Creditro, as it makes both our and our customers' daily lives easier and more secure."