Streamline your onboarding processes with the Creditro Comply and Monthio integration. Conduct thorough risk assessments, onboard new customers, and access detailed reports - all in one workflow. 

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Monthio + Creditro

KYC & Creditworthiness Assessment in one flow

Optimise your workflow significantly by enabling clients to provide their information through a single platform. 

Seamless reporting with comprehensive insights

The direct integration of Monthio data within Creditro Comply provides you with extensive data insights, easing your risk assessment process and documentation. 

Rapport KYC + Kreditværdighedsvurdering

Simplified onboarding for the leasing industry

With KYC checks and creditworthiness assessments accessible in one simple flow, you can simplify the proces for your customers. Elevating their onboarding for increased customer satisfaction.

More than 1000 companies have made the secure choice

How it works

Perform KYC checks and creditworthiness assessments in one simple flow

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Create client

Choose customer type and service, and enter their master data in Creditro Comply.

Step 1-1

Select your integration

To enable creditworthiness assessment, simply select Monthio as your integration. 

Step 1-2

Collecting information

Client submits answers and fills out questionnaire, and we collect necessary ID documentation.

Step 1-3

Assesments & analysis

Detailed assessments and risk analysis will be accessible through Creditro Comply.

Contact Sales

If you're not yet a customer with Creditro or Monthio, then please contact our Sales team and they will get you set up for the integration.

How to get started

Whether you are an existing or brand new customer, please read the
FAQ's below to find out how to get started with the integration.

I am neither a Creditro nor Monthio customer

If you are interested in getting started with simplified onboarding, optimised workflows and seamless reporting, then please reach out to our Sales team. They can demo the platform for you and get you set up with the integration.

I am both a Creditro and Monthio customer

If you are already signed up with both Creditro and Monthio, then please reach out to our Customer Success and Support team. They can provide you guidance on how to enable the integration, to get started today.

I am a Creditro customer

Great news: you're well on your way to get started with the integration. We can guide you on how to get the rest of the way there, if you reach out to our Sales team.

I am a Monthio customer

Great news: you're halfway there to get started with the integration today - and we can help you get the rest of the way. Reach out to our Sales team who can give you a tour of the platform, based on your specific needs.