Why and how often should I re-evaluate my clients?

There is nothing in the legislation that gives a specific answer as to how often a client must be re-evaluated. However, it is a requirement that it be done.

The law does not give a specific time interval for how often you must re-evaluate a client. There is, however, a requirement that you have developed a policy in the area and can argue why you have chosen the particular time interval that you have.

On the Creditro platform, admin users can change the settings so that the time interval can be switched between quarterly, half-yearly and annually - depending on the inherent risk in the service(s) that you perform for the client.

If you have activated the "Automatic renewal" function (admin settings), an email is automatically sent to the representative of a client when the date of the next evaluation has been reached. In the email, the representative is asked to log into his KYC account and either confirm the previously submitted answers, or change them if they are no longer correct. When this is done, the client manager will be notified and must then carry out a new self-assessment.

As the renewal email is sent out to the client, the case in the case overview will move from "Finished" to "In Progress".

If "Automatic renewal" is not selected, the client manager of a client will receive a notification when a client exceeds the date for the next evaluation. The client manager must then log on to the client in question, click on the three dots in the top right corner and select "Renew responses". From there the process is the same as for "Automatic renewal".