Which emails does my client receive?

In this article you can get an overview of which emails your client receives from Creditro

There are three different emails that your client can receive from Creditro. All three are sent to noreply@creditro.com (unless you have set up SMTP). Below you will find a brief overview of what the three emails contain as well as an example of what they look like.

Invitation email

The invitation email is the email that is sent to the representative on a case as soon as the case is created. It is the same email as possibly other people on the case receive when the representative has entered their email addresses. The email shows your company name and logo (if you have added one) as well as the recipient's name and the company the recipient represents (if it is a company). Information is provided briefly about why the client has received the email and what the client has to go through. In addition, there is a direct link to our KYC platform, where the recipient must log in - or simply log in if the recipient has previously registered.

At the bottom, your contact details appear, so that your client can contact you if they have questions about the KYC process.

Reminder email

If you have activated the reminder flow, your client will receive an email stating that the client has not yet filled in the required information, and therefore please log in and do this.

Renewal email

When it's time to renew a client, the email below will either be sent automatically to the representative on the case (if you have turned on "Automatic renewal"), or alternatively it will be sent when you have manually gone in and sent the case out for renewal. Here, the representative simply has to press "Start here", after which he goes directly to our KYC platform, where he logs in and then it is possible to renew the answers. All recent answers and the uploaded ID will continue to be there. If nothing has changed, it will therefore simply be to confirm that the answers are still correct. If something has changed, it will of course be possible to add corrections.