What do I do if I am not automatically validated by CPR?

There can be various reasons if you do not automatically get your social security number validated when you enter your social security number

When your connection with your creation is asked to enter your social security number, in the vast majority of cases you will subsequently see a green text box which confirms that your social security number has been validated.

In some cases, however, you may find that this does not happen, but instead you see a "red" message that your social security number could not be validated. This can be due to several things, but will most often be because your entered name and social security number do not match 100% with what is stated in the social security register. It could be, for example, an apostrophe that is missing, or a typing error in the name or social security number. It can also be due to a first name being entered as a middle name or equivalent.

In cases where this happens, and you cannot immediately find any errors in what you have entered, you can easily continue your creation, even if you have not been validated. Simply fill out the rest of the fields on the page and then press "Next" at the bottom of the page.