Monitoring and notification of active cases

In this article, we review which factors Creditro monitors on your clients and how you are made aware of any changes with the client

On all completed clients (with a CVR number), we run a check against the CVR register five times an hour. Here we check for the following changes:

  • Change in company name
  • Change in company status
  • Change in the company's purpose
  • Change in the branch code
  • Change in the board of directors
  • Change in real and legal owners
  • Change in capital (new and old)
  • Changes in the drawing rules
  • Change in audit
  • Change in the articles of association
  • Change in phone number
  • Change in email
  • Change in website address
  • Change in address

If changes occur in one or more of the above points, the client manager will be notified by email. After this, an update in the information on the client must be done manually. In addition, it will also appear from the activity log that changes have been made to the client in the CVR register.