How to use the "reply on behalf of" function

You can use this function to your advantage in cases where one person at the client has the ID of the other persons on the case, and at the same time can answer the questionnaire on behalf of the company

If you want one person at your client to answer on behalf of the other people associated with the case, you can use the "Answer on behalf of" function.

You create the client in the normal way. After you have entered the CVR number of the company, selected which persons should be associated with the case and then a representative, there will be three dots to the right of the representative's name where you can activate the function.

If you activate the function, a new column will open next to the column where you selected representative. Here you must choose who the representative will answer on behalf of. It can be one or more of the associated persons.

Regardless of whether you choose one or more persons to respond on behalf of, the representative must have the following information on the person(s) in question:

1) CPR number
2) Information about PEP affiliation
3) Master data (full name, etc.).
4) The required ID on the case.

This means that when the representative has finished his own part of the questionnaire, the representative will also be asked to upload the rest for the other people on the case.

The persons answered on behalf of will therefore NOT receive any emails from Creditro regarding the KYC process.