Below we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions from you users about the Creditro App

What do I do when several people on a client use the same email?

It is not possible for several people on a client to use the same e-mail address. If there is no alternative email address for either person, the client can instead be created with the "Reply on behalf of" feature, requiring only one email address (the representative's).

Why can't I find a client in the client overview?

If you have created a client, but cannot find it in the client overview, this may be because you have switched on the setting which allows you to see only your own cases. If you have created a client, but selected someone else as client manager, you will therefore not be able to see the case at a glance.

Can I add the "reply on behalf of" feature on an ongoing client?

No. Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, but it is something that we hope will be possible at a later date. Currently, the client must be archived and then recreated with the feature enabled.

What does the yellow triangle next to the end user ID mean?

It simply means that our scanner has not been able to automatically verify the uploaded ID. This does not mean that the ID is not valid, but simply to indicate that the scanner could not verify it. The client can easily be completed even if the yellow triangle appears.

Why is there a "wrong" name associated with the email I'm trying to create my client with?

If an email address has previously been used at Creditro, the name that was initially associated with the email will appear when the email is entered for a person during client creation. If the name does not match the name you want to associate with the email, you can contact support. We can then investigate whether it is possible to "cleanse" the email address so that it can be linked to a new name. However, this requires that the email address is not active on other clients at Creditro - neither with you nor with other of our customers.

Why is my client still listed as "pending", even though I have uploaded the ID on the client?

If you upload the personal ID on a client, this person will still be listed as "Waiting" instead of "Finished", as in addition to uploading the personal ID, pep questions must also be answered and the social security number entered. The last two tasks can only be done by the person himself. That's why you can never complete a person's creation from your side without the person being in on it.

What do I do if someone on my client has forgotten their password?

If a person has forgotten their password, they can order a reset link, after which it is possible to create a new one. This can be done via this link: https://kyc.creditro.com/auth/forgot-password