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What is fraud – and Who is behind it?

Fraud can significantly impact victims, businesses, and the economy - fraud and fraudsters come in different shapes; read as we dissect the fog of...

ID and validation – Why and how?

identitetsverifikationen og validering er essentielle i KYC processen, men hvordan gør du det? Og hvad er konsekvenserne ved en dårlig validering?...


AI in the fight against money laudering

It can be challenging to find a definite answer to what Artificial intelligence is and can do. Learn more about it in this Creditro article.


What is KYB?

With efficient KYB processes, companies subject to AML can ensure that they only deal with genuine companies. Learn more about KYB here.

The difference between KYC and AML

Although KYC and AML are often used interchangeably, they do not have the same meaning, and confusion can have costly consequences for your business....

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