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Creditro Assess

Automatic Credit assessment

Your shield against fraud and losses

We founded Creditro because we experienced a credit rating market that did not keep with the times and was falling behind with developments.

We saw several bankruptcies occur because of slow respond times in the credit rating agencies. And we especially saw criminals acquire more resources making them harder to detect. We wanted to change that equation.

That is why we built an intelligent platform capable of:


Identify 9 out of 10 fraudulent businesses *


Warn against 65% of all bankruptcies at least 3 months prior**

* Based on 5249 bankruptcies in Denmark in 2018-2019
** Based on 952 fraud-convicted businesses

* Based on 5249 bankruptcies in Denmark in 2018-2019
** Based on 952 fraud-convicted businesses

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With our platform you get:


Automatic credit assessments which frees time and resources


One accesspoint for information – even across national borders.


Real time information - instantly.


Predictive analytics putting you ahead of the game against fraud and losses.


Internal scoremodels enabling a quick and effective creditpolicy update.

More than 250 companies have made the secure choice.

Is yours next?


Predicts 2 out of 3 bankruptcies

Preliminary warning of 4672 out of 7189 bankruptcies last year.

With preliminary warnings of bankruptcies you can act ahead of time and minimize your losses. Our customers receive warnings every day in their inboxes or through their ERP/CRM systems.

Contact us and get secured.

Warns against fraud and money laundering

Fraud and money laundering is a growing problem in society.

We provide preliminary warnings so you can minimize your losses and risks. Our platform helps ensure that you are always compliant to the current legislation.

One tool, many functions

Our platform provides one simple access point to all your customers. It is one solution with many functions which never rests and there for provides real-time data.

Furthermore, we use predictive analysis so you are always at the spearhead of the fight against fraud and can minimize your losses.

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Enterprise Solution


Automatic credit assessments which releases time and resources


Unlimited access and information in real time


Integration of internal score models, so you can prioritize accordingly

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