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Say goodbye to paperwork – allocate more time for counselling

As a lawyer you are oftentimes involved in processes with demand for heavy documentation. For example is the KYC-check of new clients often times very resource-intensive because of the necessary information and documentation required. Information which must be continuously monitored for validation and expiration.

We have developed a digital platform aimed at your needs. We have automated the slow manual workflows so you can optimize your time better for a quick and agile onboarding of new clients.

Increase the quality of your compliance-work – and become better at detecting fraud

As a lawyer, you must always be well equipped to detect fraud. With Creditro your ability to detect and screen for financial crime will grow more efficient. For our intelligent tools never sleep, they provide constant real-time in-depth knowledge and overview of your clients.

Creditro is always up to date in the current legislation so you can rest assured that your business remains compliant. But most importantly, you will be better equipped to stop and prevent scams and financial crime.

KYC-check, fraud screening, and credit assessment in one workflow

Our platform can also give you preliminary risk assessments and in connection with your KYC-check you can automatically have a credit assessment of your client and simultaneously screen against fraud.

In other words, you can kill 3 birds with one stone – and collect tideous manual labour into one automatic workflow which quickly provides a clear overview.

Our platform can:


Identify 9 out of 10 fraudulent businesses *


Warn against 65% of all bankruptcies at least 3 months prior**

* Based on 5249 bankruptcies in Denmark between 2018-2019.
** Based on 952 fraud convicted companies.

Better user experience with digitial signing

Digital signing is integrated into our platform, so you can let your clients sign anytime anywhere.

It is an advantage both for you and your clients.

Many law firms have already chosen our platform.

Is yours next?


Automate your workflows – and get an all-in-one platform



Reduce your work-load with up to 95%

Automatic notifications when client conditions changes

One easy-to-monitor dashboard

Digital contact with clients on one platform

Delivers full KYC-reports which meets Danish and EU legislation



Credit assessment, fraud- and bankruptcy warnings.

Real time monitoring and updates of client-data

Intelligent algorithms collecting all the data

Full audit trail on all activities

Compliance with archiving and storage of documents of the AML-legislation



Plug-&-Play solution or fully customized solution

Easy integration with CRM- and Economy-solutions

Supports all business-types


Learn more about the compliance platform here

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What does our clients say

Creditro ensured a quick and effective onboarding of the solution to my law firm in just a few days. They delivered a very satisfying customer service and support experience in the following period, for both me and my clients. In relation with an audit from the Advokatsamfundet, the Creditro solution was presented with great success and sufficient documentation of the KYC-processes, as well as the compliancy of storing and collecting sensitive personal information.

I can recommend Creditro for law firms of all sizes.

Ulrich Cort Hansen

Lawyer, CORT Boligadvokater