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Avoid credit loss, and poor payers

Accurate credit assessments can be vital for your business. Updated and reliable creditinformation is your shield against fraud and poor payers, and also means you can start new business with appropriate terms of credit.

We made Creditro, because we saw a market which had not adjusted to the technological advancement. We saw more bankruptcies happen without credit assessment agencies reacting in time. And in particular we saw criminals acquire more resources, which made them harder to detect.

We wanted to change that. Which is why we built an intelligent platform that provides preliminary risk assessments, make automatic credit assessments, and can predict bankruptcies.

An effective tool making you cutting-edge

Our platform gives you one single accesspoint for all your clients in one platform. It is a solution with many functions with no down-time and therefore provides real time data.

We also utilize predictive analytics, so you. are always ahead of the game againstfraud and can minimize your losses.

Today we can:


Identify 9 out of 10 fraudulent businesses *


Warn against 65% of all bankruptcies at least 3 months prior**

* Based on 5249 bankruptcies in Denmark between 2018-2019.
** Based on 952 fraud convicted companies.

With our platform you get:


Automatic credit assessments which frees time and resources


Information in real time - no delays


One platform for all information - national and international


Predictive analytics putting you ahead of the game against loss and fraud


Internal score-models making it fast and effective to update your policies


Automatic notifications when client conditions changes


A platform that is easily integrated in your CRM- and Economy-solutions.

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Better customer experience with Digital Sign

We think you should stop the use of pen and paper, and that your customers should have the opportunity to digitally sign documents anywhere anytime. That is why digital signing is integrated in our solution.

With Creditro Sign you have the option to upload documents for digital signing. The solution provides a more agile workflow and a better client experience.

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