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Automated credit ratings minimises the risk of loss, the combination of internal score models with external information ensures flexibility and implementing our machine-learning algorithms is a save-guard against losses from bankruptcy or fraud.

A market without change in 30 years

We founded Creditro to stop the possibility of fraud.
We saw a market that have not taken the opportunities of the last three decades. We saw multiple bankruptcies where current credit rating agencies didn’t reacted or gave warnings in time, and especially we say criminals gaining more and more resources so now, there are much harder to separate from real customers.

This is where we come in.

A collaboration with Creditro has many advantages amongst:

  • All information is in realtime – no delays, or legacy systems
  • Using AI and Machine-learning we give early warning on credit risk, bankruptcy and fraud
  • Implementing and combining internal score-models with external data
  • Monitor Your portefolio cross-country in realtime



Bankruptcy prediction

Early warnings about 4.672 of 7.189 bankruptcies last year

Using our early warnings we secure Your business on a daily basis letting You have an agile credit- and risk process. On a daily basis our customers receive early warning in their inbox or directly into their CRM/ERP system this allowing them to act in time. Contact us and more.

Fraud prediction

More than 100 billion in losses every year

Creditro A/S is the only company developing algorithms targeting fraud. Using our investigative experience from government institutions and the financial sector, we have launched a war on fraud. Currently we are warning against 90% of all company fraud cases, prior to them obtaining credit accounts.

On average 87% can be automated

When a client receives a credit application either via online-signup, telephone we have set up a system that uses Your own internal credit-rating model and  automatically gives response to a customer. You can edit Your settings in realtime Рone place.

This ensures finance-department can allocate resources to manually inspect key customers or high-risk customers instead of delaying the process for the low-risk customers.

Corporate solutions

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  • Unlimited access
  • Automated credit and risk-process
  • Integration of internal score models

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